ICTR: Nshogoza: Defence Counsel Denied $150K in Fees

2010-04-13, Arusha, Tanzania. The Appeals Chamber refused to review a request filed by Ms. Allison Turner, counsel for Leonidas Nshogoza in a contempt proceeding, to review the decision of the Registrar denying Ms. Turner’s $210,118.43 bill. In summer 2008, the Registrar attempted to unilerally deny the promised coverage of costs to Ms. Turner, and limited the payment to, mutually agreed, $50,000. This decision was reversed by the Trial Chamber in October 2008. In February 2009, Ms. Turner requested DCDMS, and later the Registrar, to review this agreement. Both refused to do so on the ground that the amount was sufficient. The Appeals Chamber found that neither the Statute nor the Rules gave the Appeals Chamber jurisdiction to review the decision of the Registrar in respect of fees related to the trial proceedings. The Appeals Chamber’s consideration of such matters is limited to an appeal against a conviction or where the issue properly arises in an interlocutory appeal certified by a Trial Chamber.


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