Rwanda: Maniraguha: Gacaca Court of Appeal Acquites Rwabahizi's Defence Witness of Corruption Charges

2010.05.17, Kigali, Rwanda. Gacaca Court of Appeal for the Nyakabanda District¬† exonerated Abdou Maniraguha of charges of attempting to corrupt or intimidate the president of the Gacaca Court of Nyarugenge District. Mr.¬†Abdou Maniraguha was a defence witness, and was sentenced in April 2010 to 6 month imprisonment for allegedly trying to bribe the president of the Gacaca’s court. The Court of Appeal found that there was no evidence to substantiate these allegations.

Mr. Maniraguha was a main defence witness in the trial of Jean Rwabahizi, a former driver of the French ambassador in Rwanda. He was convicted in absentia in 2007 to 30 years in prison by a Gacaca court in Kigali, for complicity in the massacre of Tutsis in a Kigali church during the 1994 genocide and of killing Deo Twagirayezu, another driver at the French Embassy. He was arrested upon his return to Rwanda from France, and in April 2010 was convicted to 27 years in prison.

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