ECHR: Claim by Nazi Concentration Camps Survivors Dismissed

2010-05-17, Strasbourg, France. The Court dismissed an application filed by the Association of World War II Concentration Camp Prisoners against Croatia.  The application was filed by Gojko Knezevic, the president of the Association, on behalf of 9,000 former prisoners and alleged liability for international crimes committed against Serbs, Jews and Roma. The application requested compensation in the amount of EUR 500Mln for the crimes committed by the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), a Nazi puppet state and Croatia’s predecessor that existed between 1941-45. The applicant received a letter from Valentina Grdelic of the ECHR stating that the claim was inadmissible since Croatia was not a signatory to the Convention. The applicant claimed that Croatia was the successor of NDH, and hence had an obligation to compensate the victims.

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