US: Mujagic Arrested for War Crimes Allegedly Committed during Bosnian War

November 28, 2012, Utica, NY, United States. U.S. immigration agents arrested Sulejman Mujagic, 50, on an extradition request made by Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mr. Mujagic is accused of unlawfully killing one (Ekrem Baltic) and torturing another (Nisvet Cordic) soldier of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina on March 6, 1995. At that time, Mr. Mujagic was a platoon commander in the Army of the Autonomous Province of Western Bosnia (A/APZB), a break away province in Bosnia that was supported during Bosnian War by both Croats and Serbs. The accused moved to Utica, New York in July 1997, and obtained permanent residence.

Sulejman Mujagic, Complaint, U.S. Dist. Ct. N. Dist. N.Y., Case No. 5:12-MJ-529 (Nov. 27, 2012)

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